Max Rameau and Umoja Village Invade Art Basel

Dec 2, 2011

You can say Max Rameau is a social activist trendsetter. Long before the Occupy Wall Street movement was even an idea, Rameau was leading the charge for the disenfranchised 99 percent with his Take Back The Land organization.

Five years ago, Rameau came up with the brilliant idea of organizing dozens of homeless men to build a camp at NW 62nd Street and 17th Avenue, site of a barren patch of city owned land for a failed housing project. He named the place Umoja Village, after the Swahili word for unity, and found a loophole in city law that prevented Miami officials from kicking the men out.Yesterday, an artistic installation honoring Umoja Village took over a public space in Miami Beach for Art Basel. Read more. 


Max Rameau takes an arrest

Max Rameau

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